How Lindsay Got Her Boobs Back

Well, hello there, ladies*.

Hey, I say do whatever it takes to revive a career derailed by alcohol, drugs, and being a 24-7 party girl.

Especially if “whatever” involves Lindsay Lohan and some degree of (post-stick-figure) nudey-tationosity.

* Probably not safe for work. Or church, for that matter. But at home, alone? Oh yeah, brother. Oh. Yeah.

One Response to “How Lindsay Got Her Boobs Back”

  1. Kaf Says:

    I have no problem with Lindsay. Beyond the few films I’ve caught her in and the small amount of data that’s slipped through my crazy celebrity news filter, I know little about her. But I will say these photos proclaim one thing loud and clear: she is *not* the next Marilyn Monroe. She’s cute, but that’s about it.

    As for whatever pituitary magic she’s now performing, I guess it’s interesting… <waka waka>

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