We Get Comments!

Sure, many of them are illogical (from the religious folks) or illiterate (see below).

In response to my post on how Welsh teenagers are idiots for engaging in copycat hangings, Darius contributed this bit of insight:

If you had anderstood ppl…you wodnt have put this site in!!!! Its not only about da fame nd regadnition, yes dat 2 but its 4 more…its about doing it 4 yourself!!!!!! its about living your life 2 da fullist , nd getting evering u desire.if ur done whats the point livig!!!! rather die happy nd proud then old nd wrimpled!!! anyways how long would smeone else take 2 make da impact these ppl made by doing smethin else…. think of it if u dare

Where to start?

4 Responses to “We Get Comments!”

  1. Kaf Says:

    I’m really really hoping that’s not English, so please tell me it’s a Welsh dialect. That way I can just move on with my life.

  2. Tom Says:

    I hate to be callous, but if that’s the way he feels, then the gene pool is better off without him.

  3. Mr Lady Says:

    I seriously couldn’t even read that. Translation, please?

  4. Lew Says:

    dat red fine 4 me. wtz ur problimz ppl. putn this site in mbe wuz a huge mixtape.

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