A Question for Parents and/or Brain Doctors

What part of the lump of gray matter in a child’s head forms the equation below:

End Table + Ball Point Pen = Fun!

…and how does one remove that part with tools found around the home, without causing any kind of long-term damage to the child?

2 Responses to “A Question for Parents and/or Brain Doctors”

  1. Mr Lady Says:

    Assuming the ink is in the table, and not the child, hairspray. Cheap hairspray. Spray on, wipe off.

  2. Lew Says:

    Assuming the pen is in the child, hairspray will come up short.

    Don’t remove the pen suddenly, or you’ll find yourself looking for a way to remove blood from carpeting.

    Tape the pen in place and drive to the nearest dentist or chiropractor. They’re both great with kids.

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