MRSA Not Suspected

…in the untimely death of talented young actor Heath Ledger.

(Reference this article on MRSA, as well as the general inability of right-wing evangelicals to differentiate fantasy from reality [note: Bible, Creationism, Brokeback Mountain].)

(Yes, I took a completely unnecessary poke at the religious right. Sorry, character flaw.)

(Really, though, Heath’s death is a loss for both his child and the realm of moviemaking, while the guy that plays Reed Richards stills walks and breathes.)

(Not that I wish ill upon him either, of course.)

(That would be mean.)

(And I am nice, like apple pie and puppy dogs.)

3 Responses to “MRSA Not Suspected”

  1. George Vreeland Hill Says:

    This is sad news.
    Heath was a great talent, and his best was yet to come.
    We will miss him, and we will never forget him.

    George Vreeland Hill

  2. Kaf Says:

    I hope his take on the Joker in the upcoming sequel to Batman Begins turns out well, because I can’t imagine a worse way for an actor to go out than to have his/her last major role tarred and feathered by movie critics. Any way we can tar and feather the critics first?

  3. chris28 Says:

    It seems that we lose a lot of talented people at the age of 28 to overdoses. This is a tragedy for his family and his fans. As a father I feel most for Heath and the love that e is no longer able to feel for his daughter.

    Chris Shumow

    Executive Director

    (866) 889-3665

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