The Failure of Socialized Medicine, Continued

Aye, Mrs. O’Malley, your wee babby here does have a severe case of the infant reflux with attendant rashes and an overall failure to thrive.

A pity, to be sure.

But never you mind, m’dear, as surely it will clear right up before he’s even eight years old.

Patients can be waiting up to eight years to see a consultant in a hospital outpatient clinic, new figures show. The figures obtained by The Irish Times show some 48 patients who were waiting to be seen in the outpatient department of Mayo General Hospital earlier this year had been on the waiting list since 1999.


Where do we sign up for such wonders of the modern medical world?

(found via Walter, who – it turns out – did not die and quit blogging for months upon months, but was instead waiting on outpatient services for carpal tunnel syndrome in Ireland)

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