Ford Fusion SEL: Winter Hates Your Factory Tires!

It seems a lot of fellow Ford Fusion owners are Googling and finding this post about the Fusion I wrote in December 2007, mainly because they have questions about winter tires (and MP3 aux jacks, but that’s another post).

My advice: if you live somewhere with snow and ice, buy them.

Winter tires, not all-season tires.

Keep your 17-inch performance tires on in the summer, and then swap out at the first snowfall for some nice winter tires. I had a bit of sticker shock plonking down nearly $700 for mine, but my drive this winter has been easy (compared to last winter when I had to do running starts from the other side of the street just to get up my snowy driveway). I’m told they should last 4-5 seasons, so it’s not that expensive on a yearly basis.

Cheaper than sliding off the highway anyway.

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