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I Shouldn’t Dignify Such Idiocy, But…

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Pope Benedict has seen fit to once again open his mouth and let the stupid run out.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Benedict said on Thursday that embryonic stem cell research, artificial insemination and the prospect of human cloning had “shattered” human dignity.

I don’t know about the Pope, but my human dignity is just fine. It might be a different story if I had to dress in pretty robes and ridiculously pointy hats, but that’s the neat thing about leaving the Catholic Church: I don’t have to worry about being elected Pope.

He said this included total respect for the human being as a person “from conception until natural death,” and respect for the natural transmission of life through sexual intercourse.

Natural death.


I wonder if Benedict, in his dying days, will be hooked up to some of those respirators and morphine units that grow on trees, natural medicinal gifts from God that they are.

Practices like freezing embryos, suppression of embryos in multiple pregnancies, embryonic stem cell research, the prospect of human cloning and artificial insemination outside the body had “shattered the barriers meant to protect human dignity,” he said.

So, test-tube babies are somehow less dignified than those of us created through the sweating and grunting of the beast with two backs? Given that the man (supposedly) has never had sexual intercourse, I suppose he can be forgiven for seeing the sex act as something akin to a fancy dress dinner party, but someone should disabuse him of that notion ASAP. Else he might keep saying dumb things like that.

While we wait, may I suggest the Church launch death squads to execute all human beings who resulted from artificial insemination? I mean, really, can we have those undignified degenerates walking among us? What if they trick one of the godly into procreating and pass their cooties down the line? Que horible!

It was the Pope’s latest foray into scientific issues. On Monday he warned against the “seductive” powers of science, saying it was important that science did not become the sole criteria for goodness.

Ah, yes, the seductive powers of knowledge and reason and understanding! No wonder that the Pontiff that purveys mythology as fact would live in dread of humans shrugging off the dead weight of superstition, favoring instead to actually know the world, rather than just – uh – make up sh*t about it.

I love that this man can, in all seriousness, discuss science being harmful to human dignity, when he believes that we are all born as evil, sinful creatures through no fault of our own. I suppose that eternal damnation is all about human dignity too. I wonder how many other impossible things he believes before breakfast.

New Stuff

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Via the magic of, I accidentally came across a band called Slave to the SQUAREwave.

And, as these accidents often turn out, I was all over it.

You may hate it, but I like it – it’s like 80s Talking Heads Devo cross-breeding experiments, with David Byrne coming out intact, except for a little bit of Bowie’s quasi-gender-neutrality. No Jeff Goldblum is he!

Slave to the SQUAREwave – Big Change

Slave to the SQUAREwave – Pumpin Up The P House

Yeah, whatever, enjoy or don’t.

I actually broke down and bought it on iTunes, and I’ve been dancing like David Byrne, whipping it like Devo, and ziggystardusting my Major Tom ever since!

There Goes The Neighborhood!

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

I’ve done my good deed for the week.

Digging deep into my generous heart (full of, you know it, puppies and love), I offered some free space to my friend Mr. Lady so that she could leave behind the agony of Blogger and Blogspot.

You can now find her setting up her new home at (dubyadubyadubya) Whiskey in my Sippy Cup (dot com).

Sure, it’s mommy blogging, but it’s hot mommy blogging. It’s MILFs gone wild. It’s better than Cats!

And stuff.

Update: Mr. Lady is hosting a Battle of the Bands, in which you (yes, YOU!) can vote for everyone’s favorite fantasy band, African American National Biography Project!

Surely, with songs like “Chaotic Fish,” “Wolf Ladies Ltd,” “Moon Zombie,” and “The Brother Four Black Sun,” how could you not love them?

Attention: Young People of Wales

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

You may think that if you hang yourself, you will make a name for yourself and be remembered.

Right on both counts.

Alas, you will be remembered as a stupid, dead teenager by the name of Stupid. And Dead.

Remember, kids, Big Fun says “Teenage Suicide (Don’t Do It!)”

When There’s a Dead Actor In His Bedroom

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Who ya gonna call?

Mary Kate Olsen!

Police said the masseuse who found Ledger’s body Tuesday spent nine minutes making three calls to the Olsen twin before dialing 911 for help, then called Olsen a fourth time after paramedics arrived. At some point during the flurry of calls, Olsen, who was in California, summoned her personal security guards to the apartment to help, police said.

Being famous must make for living in a weird, weird world.

I have to settle for being really cool and living among the “common people.”

It is to weep.

Well, Um

Thursday, January 24th, 2008


NASA: Mystery Creature On Mars Is Wind-Carved Rock

Who thought otherwise?

Oh, that’s right: stupid people.

Appeasement is our Victory!

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

The 2004 Spanish decision to reduce their active role in Iraq in exchange for a little safety is really paying off for them.

Fourteen suspected Islamic militants arrested in Spain on Saturday may have been planning a terrorist action in Barcelona, the interior minister said.

Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba said more arrests were expected and the country was on high security alert.

The arrests in Barcelona were prompted by information from several unspecified European intelligence agencies, and there was evidence the suspects – 12 Pakistani nationals and two people from India – could have been planning “a terrorist action” in the northern city, he told a news conference.

Even though the war in Iraq was bungled for years before the Bush administration decided to change course, it should be obvious that Islamic terrorism is not about Iraq. It’s not about Palestine. It’s not about oil.

It’s about a particularly evil and intolerant strain of a world religion, and the general refusal of most of us to adhere to its idiocy and violent tenets.

The only safety from that is gained when we squash it wherever it shows up, not when we kowtow out of fear.

More on Ending the Death Penalty

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Ann Coulter’s 2002 idiotic rambling aside*, here’s yet another example of a flawed justice system that should not be allowed to kill :

FORT COLLINS – At just after 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, Tim Masters left his imprisoned past and embraced his free future.

With a packed courtroom looking on, Judge Joseph Weatherby set aside Masters’ conviction and vacated his life sentence…

Masters spent the last nine-and-a-half years in prison for the 1987 murder of Peggy Hettrick in Fort Collins. He was convicted in 1999…

The special prosecutors from Adams County, who were assigned to Masters’ appeals process, recommended Masters’ release last week after a new DNA analysis linked DNA found on Hettrick’s body to one of her ex-boyfriends.

The finding followed hearings throughout 2007 in which Masters’ attorneys showed that the prosecution in the 1999 murder trial withheld significant information from the defense.

In this case, the system eventually worked and an innocent man walked free after losing over nine years of his life. He received a sentence of life in prison; had it been a harsher penalty, who knows, perhaps an innocent man would be dead.

But, yeah, I know, some folks really don’t much care about that so long as their own blood lust is sated.

Note: Here is more from CNN on the case.

* This should not be construed to mean that Ann has actually said anything sensible since 2002.

And Then There Were However Many

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Everyone has heard the old aphorism “the early bird gets the worm,” but I think the 2008 election cycle is going to give us a new one:

“The indolent President-wanna-be with the somnolent campaign gets a harsh political reality check.”

Yeah, I know, it just slips right off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Political poetry, even.

On a happier note, Fred Thompson can now return to a profession where the applause and laughter are prerecorded, rather than him having to ask the audience for it.


MRSA Not Suspected

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

…in the untimely death of talented young actor Heath Ledger.

(Reference this article on MRSA, as well as the general inability of right-wing evangelicals to differentiate fantasy from reality [note: Bible, Creationism, Brokeback Mountain].)

(Yes, I took a completely unnecessary poke at the religious right. Sorry, character flaw.)

(Really, though, Heath’s death is a loss for both his child and the realm of moviemaking, while the guy that plays Reed Richards stills walks and breathes.)

(Not that I wish ill upon him either, of course.)

(That would be mean.)

(And I am nice, like apple pie and puppy dogs.)