Will Smith Loves Hitler!

If you actually thought, without any desire for further context, that Will Smith thought Adolf Hitler was a good person


I’m not sure how to break this to you…

But I shall try.

You’re a damn idiot.

Even given the creative interpretation spun by the hack writer involved, a human being of at least moderate intelligence would have understood Smith’s point.

That is: bad guys have, in their own minds, a self-proclaimed good reason for what they do.

That doesn’t mean they are good. It doesn’t mean they aren’t bad. It does mean they do a lot of rationalizing, sometimes to the tune of six million lives.

Oh, yes, and it means some of you (given my blog surfing this evening) are – as I said above – damn idiots.

2 Responses to “Will Smith Loves Hitler!”

  1. Overmind Says:

    Agreed. I am jewish myself, and that whole thing is just fucked up. Anyone with a braincell understands that Smith said that hitler himself thought he was right…which is obvious and doesnt make him antisemitic.


  2. Michael Ditto Says:

    Isn’t it completely obvious that Will Smith *is* Hitler?

    I mean he proved he was duplicitous in Six Degrees of Separation: he led us to believe that he was some sort of wholesome Harvard boy, only to chock the conscience with that butt-ramming scene. Not that I didn’t find that thrilling, but that’s just Satan tempting me.

    He proved he was evil in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air: he had proven himself worthy and intelligent (with great abs) and then sold his soul to the WB.

    And then he proved he could brainwash the masses with that little flashy light thing in Men in Black.

    Isn’t it perfectly normal that the reincarnation of Hitler wouldn’t want to dis his former self? Oh Sydney Poitier, why did you unleash this devil on the world?

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