And Then There Was One

A couple of weeks ago, we had a home invader.

No, not the kind that comes through a window or a door, not without help anyway. This was the viral kind, one that would lay waste to all that fell victim for a good 24-36 hours. The kind that made the contents of your body seek escape from all available orifices, often at the same time. Fun stuff.

First, it struck my wee lad Ewan.

Then it took down the dear Mrs.

Next in line was the wee babby Piers.

Christmas night found my lovely lass Fiona being purged of the day’s dinner goodness.

So, that leaves but one of us standing.

Wish me luck, as there’s a busy few days ahead (not to mention that blogger Rae and her lovely daughters will be spending the night with us tomorrow eve).

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