Merry Christmas, Etc

Hope you and yours have a happy holiday!

The Clan WWR has finished opening half of the presents. Now we’re off upstairs to get the turkey in the oven and a beer in my hand. After showers, round two of present opening will commence.

And, lo and behold, we got a white Christmas:

(note – if you’re viewing this after 12/25, the pics above are realtime, so it could be summer for all I know)

3 Responses to “Merry Christmas, Etc”

  1. Mr Lady Says:

    Lucky dog!

    Meery Christmas to your family!

  2. Mr Lady Says:

    And sloppery e-kisses.

    Or, yours ALSO in christ.

    Whichever you were lookin’ for. 😉


  3. Kevin Says:

    Merry Christmas!

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