WWR World Headquarters Has Sprung a Leak!

Hey there, fellow homeowners (or those who are simply in the know):

I’m guessing that the black plastic pipes that converge at a joint here and there in the attic and then take off through the roof are sewage / drain vents. They all seem to be coming from areas of the house where there might be toilets, sinks, and the like. Anyway, from Googling around, that’s my best guess.

The problem: one of them is leaking (or was at one point), as evidenced by a light ring stain we recently noticed at the join of the ceiling and wall in the master bath, right under where one of those pipes goes vertical.

I can’t tell if the joint is leaking or if it’s simply runoff from the roof creeping in and sliding down the outside of the pipe, mainly because I can’t get to it. The attic is covered in 9-10 inches of blown insulation, obscuring the joists from view, and I’d rather not drop through the ceiling – and the roof is the highest point of the second level, which I have no way of reaching to check (nor would I want to, as breaking my neck is not high on my list of things to do).

So, who do I call?

A plumber would seem the right choice if the pipe is leaking when rain enters it. It looks to be a simple repair.

A roofer would seem to be the man or woman of the hour if it’s a problem with shingles or flashing upon high, letting snow or rain blow into the attic.

Are there any roofing plumbers or plumbing roofers out there?

2 Responses to “WWR World Headquarters Has Sprung a Leak!”

  1. Mr Lady Says:

    Um, Ghostbusters?

    In all seriousness…remember a few weeks ago when my basement flooded? That started with a ring. Call someone. Fast.

  2. Brian Says:

    I think I’d call a roofing guy first. Your house is subjected to extreme temperature swings and the flashing around the area where the pipe exits the roof may have failed.

    Given that this is the time of year when you’ve got snow-melt I’m going 80% chance it’s the roof and 20% chance it’s the pipe joint.

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