Class Action Money Back Guarantee

If you’ve recently received a letter informing you that you’re entitled to a class action settlement of credit card fees charged on overseas purchases in the last decade, it’s legitimate.

They really should make it look less like random junk mail, as I came close to ripping mine in half and throwing it away. However, I will instead be taking the straightforward $25 refund since I no longer have any reliable record of what we might have bought during our several trips to the UK (aside from pub grub and lots and lots of real ale).

As the article says, it’s entirely possible that some low-life phishing scam-humping jerk will try to capitalize on this with fake offers, but some phone calls or Googling should let you know if yours is safe to send in.

Update: I went to the website mentioned in the mailing, entered my refund code, and was presented with my own name and address. No request of any personal information at all. Just so you know.

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  1. Roger Fraley Says:

    I got three of them. Did I get ripped off that many times? Oh, and my regard of Richard Dawkins just went up when I learned he was married to Lala Ward, the nobelist Romana of them all (on Dr. Who during the Tom Baker days). Not as cute as the American but very pretty, indeed.

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