Kevin DuBrow, RIP*

It doesn’t seem to have gotten much play in the blogosphere (at least not in the small circles about which I wander), but Kevin DuBrow, lead singer of 80s two-hit wonder band Quiet Riot, was found dead recently.

Former Quiet Riot bassist and Las Vegas photographer Kelli Garni has revealed the circumstances surrounding the death of Quiet Riot lead singer Kevin DuBrow, however a cause of death remains undisclosed. According to Garni’s lengthy statement, police at the crime scene “found no signs of foul play and are ruling this an accidental death.” Police also believe that DuBrow was dead for roughly six days before being discovered.

There go my dreams of a Quiet Riot / Kingdom Come / Great White tour of musical awesomeness.

Alas, I must admit, that way back in 1983, “Metal Health” was one of my first records, probably one of the first four, taking its honored place next to Paul McCartney & Wings’ “Band on the Run,” Queen’s “The Game,” and Asia’s “Alpha.”

Hey, I was only 12 at the time. I got better.

Although I do have most of those albums in MP3 format somewhere now.

Anyway, rest in peace, oh Man-in-the-Metal-Health-Iron-Mask. I really do hate this getting old business.

* I was tempted to title this either “Metal Health will drive you dead” or “Cum on feel the corpse,” but my sense of decency got the better of me.

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  1. Mr Lady Says:

    Come on, feel the corpse. Awesome.

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