Small Miracles!

Because the big ones require effort*, I guess:

BARTLETT, Tenn. — Tabitha Cain has fed a feral cat she calls Wild Oats for several years, but now she’s thinking of changing its name to Survivor.

That’s because she said the cat survived for 19 days with a peanut butter jar stuck on its head…

Dr. Gerald Blackburn, a veterinarian at Gentle Care Animal hospital in Memphis, said he’s heard similar stories of pets getting trapped for days or even weeks at a time and surviving.

Blackburn said the cat may have lived off of its excess fat, but Doretha Cain had another explanation.

“God will take care of animals just like people because that cat is really a miracle,” she said.

Tell me, Ms. Cain, why does your God hate cows and pigs and chickens and turkeys?

I know, yes, he also looked the other way while six millions Jews perished in Germany’s old national pastime.

He saves a cat dumb enough to get its head stuck in a jar, while completely ignoring the racial abattoir that has unfolded in Darfur.

Seems an odd fellow, that one.

* Yes, I know that the concept of “effort” is meaningless to an omnipotent being. Makes you wonder about that “rested on the seventh day” stuff, doesn’t it?

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