$4 Million Doesn’t Buy an Iron Bowl Victory

New Alabama coach Nick Saban puts one foot in the grave of former Alabama coaches:

AUBURN, Ala. (AP) — Nick Saban couldn’t figure out how to beat Auburn, either. Brandon Cox scored on a 1-yard sneak with 3:58 left and the 25th-ranked Tigers played stingy defense in a 17-10 win over Alabama that extended Auburn’s winning streak in the bitter rivalry to a school-record six games.


On the bright side, I guess, there wasn’t a whole lot of scoring going on for either side. It wasn’t a complete stomping. Alabama had some beautiful plays (and the sound of whining Auburn fans when a pro-Bama play stands after review is music to the ears).

However, watching the last several games, it looks like Alabama just can’t find any sense of consistency in their game. Maybe Saban can change that by next season.

I certainly hope so.

But, if not, I’d rather see Mal Moore get his walking papers than Nick Saban.

3 Responses to “$4 Million Doesn’t Buy an Iron Bowl Victory”

  1. kelly Says:

    You are an idiot. This is a REBUILDING year. Print your writing and re-read it in two years. God, the clowns that think they have a perspective and provide insight. reaname your handle as GOOBER!

  2. andy Says:

    Such fascinating and brilliant insight you provide. Thank you.

    I don’t need to print this, as it will still be here in two years. I will re-read it then.

    If Saban turns it around, terrific. I never said otherwise. If he doesn’t, I’m sure you’ll just be whining that, hey, it’s a rebuilding year for the NEWEST coach. Neat how that works out for you, isn’t it?

    However, I’d have liked to give Shula another year to work with the team, but we know how the patience of Bama boosters and Mal Moore defenders runs short. Hence my suggesting that Saban has one foot in the grave.

    I would change my handle to GOOBER, but that name is taken by the father of a friend of mine (no lie).

    Hugs and kisses.

  3. andy Says:

    P.S. Genius, they lost to freakin’ LOUISIANA-MONROE.

    Louisiana. Monroe.

    What? A 20+ point underdog?

    If this is just a “rebuilding year,” they must be starting from the damned sub-basement.

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