I’m Thankful, How About You?

The level of thinking and insight at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary must be pretty shallow if their leader finds the following question “fascinating.”

Thanksgiving has been transformed into an iconic American event. This leaves us with a fascinating question — how do unbelievers celebrate Thanksgiving? They are giving thanks to whom, exactly?

Boy, that is a tough one!

I couldn’t possibly just be thankful toward my friends and loved ones for enriching my life, could I?

The secular vision of thanksgiving feels empty and false.

Says you.

Check me with me tomorrow around 3pm and I will be far from empty. I’m going to be stuffed to my rib-shaped rafters, and probably a little drunk too. Woohoo!

False? No, baby, it’s true. All so very true.

If there is no Creator and the universe is a cosmic accident, whom do we thank?

See above.

This isn’t hard. Really, it isn’t.

At best, all we can do is be happy–at least in some sense–that this accident has not turned out worse.

Well, you can do that and also thank the people around you. The real people. Not the made-up, live-in-the-sky, invisible, angry god people.

Really, Mr. Mohler, you think you’ve got some wonderful angle on things here, I know – but all your closed-eyes, heads-bowed thanks are about as logical and meaningful as thanking Horatio Caine for all his zingy one-liners.

See, ’cause he’s fictional. Kind of like your god. OK, just like, although David Caruso doesn’t take the role so seriously – and doesn’t smite the wicked.

But I bet he could if he wanted.

If there is no divine intelligence or benevolence behind world events, public and personal, it certainly seems like our Thanksgiving is just an exercise in considering ourselves comparatively lucky. How can fate be thanked?

Easy. Watch.

Me: “Thank you, fate.”

Fate: “…”

Me: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. It’s just that… well, you rock.”

Makes about as much sense as thanking fictional deities, though.

So, everyone (including you Mr. Mohler), take a moment right now to thank a living, breathing person for adding something special to your life here on Earth. You never know, they might thank you right back.

Unlike *cough* some deities *cough*.

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  1. jed Says:

    I’d just like to take a moment to thank Andy for monkeys.

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