They Could Try Voting on the Issues

…but, in the meantime, people who think Batman is one bad dude are debating whether or not they can vote for someone who thinks Superman is tops.

Recent polls show Mitt Romney leading in the race for the Iowa and New Hampshire Republican primaries, but the presidential candidate may face a bigger test in South Carolina, where his Mormon faith will come face-to-face with the GOP’s powerful evangelical base.

OK, so it’s not Batman and Superman, but it is a bunch of people arguing over which silly fiction they prefer.

What’s most amusing, or sad, to me is that none of these people would ever vote for me, an atheist. However, I’m probably more likely to defend religious freedom for all than someone who really thinks the rest of you are going to Hell.

But given that you choose to argue over fiction rather than fact, I can’t say I am surprised.

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