Silly, Harmless Beliefs – An Unending Series

This time, from Mother Russia:

MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) — Members of a Russian doomsday cult barricaded themselves in a cave to wait out the end of the world as the cult’s leader underwent psychiatric exams Thursday, Russian media reported….

One of the children in the cave is 18 months old, reported Itar-Tass. Temperatures in the cave are below 54 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius), the Russian news agency reported.

The cult members have refused law enforcement requests to come out or release the children, and they have threatened to commit suicide if police resort to force, according to Russian state television.

But, fear not, Russian Orthodox church leaders know the solution to this problem:

“It is obviously some kind of insanity,” Mitropolitan Kirill, a high-ranking Russian Orthodox Church official, told Russian television. “It is perhaps even a medical case. A very dangerous phenomena is happening in Russia’s religious life.”

He added, “What we’re seeing in Penza right now is a most vivid example of what could happen to a country, to a society, if this society is deprived of proper religious education.”


Until “proper religious education” means teaching our children that these myths are exactly that, don’t be surprised when irrational beliefs enable the very weak-minded to do nutty things.

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  1. Blake Says:

    So religion (i.e Christianity) has no positives at all? I may not believe any more, but I can still find worth in the Bible as a good.

  2. andy Says:

    It’s an interesting book of myths, akin to the Greek and Roman myths we learned in school, so I suppose it has some literary value.

    Were great works of art and music made under its influence and wealth? Sure, but those artists and composers had talent and would have created still.

    Did the Church support the study of science? Yes, until the discoveries overturned their dogma.

    Has that belief supposedly turned the lives of people around? Yep, but the same can be said for Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. It’s nothing about the belief system but rather how the person chooses to think of themselves.

    In short, and not to invoke Godwin, Hitler was great orator, a brilliant manipulator of political systems, and made the trains run on time. I still don’t think I’ll encourage my kids to be like him.

  3. Ed Says:

    What is “proper religious education” ? This needs to be asked, and who is qualified to give the ‘proper’ education?

  4. End of the World 2008 Says:

    […] Ah, it all seems tied to that Russian cult I wrote about earlier. Googling people, adding the words “Russian cult” to your search will help […]

  5. Anthony Says:

    As far as a Date Specific, the Bible states twice, that NO man knows the day or hour of the Lord’s Return, not even the Angels in heaven, only the Father. Unless these men and women know something we do no know, they are not very well informed as to the matters of the Bible.

    The Bible states in Amos 3:7, that the Lord will not do something first without telling Gods people through the prophets. (They must believe this guy is one of those guys). Last I heard, Revelation 7:9 state those that will be in heaven will be a Great Multitude that no man can number. What are there only 24 left in the cave? Seven came out, that would only make 31 total heaven bound? Yea, sounds like a “Few” folks need to crack the old Bible and do a little more study and stop relying on one crack-pot.

    As for those of you who do not believe in the existance of God…. ultimately I feel sad for you, we could argue, but relatively little would result from it.

    Proof that God exists is simply impossible to prove….., however, even all our scientifc progress has proved little relative to Evolution, especially the origin of our existance.

    My advise, is to believe, not out of fear, but out of the reality that neither you nor I can prove the root of our existance from either belief “scientifically.” Sure it is fun to rail against the morons in Christianity, the hypocrites, the ones who in their self righteousness condemn, but railing agains them shows ones weakness, and the ability for you to short-circuit yourself from the possibility that God really does exist.

    Isn’t that the same arguement the “”Scientifically” enclined individual argues for….the possibility that their is life elsewhere. The Jodi Foster movie Contact’s whole premise was “what if”.

    I firmly believe in a Creator God who has always been, and will always be, however that statement to a clear and logical thinking individual sounds like lunacy. Conversly, cruising in on an Astroid over the course of Billions of Trillions of miles and burning through our Earth’s Atmosphere, slamming into the Earth’s crust, causing Trillions of gallons of water to displace upon impact (extreme pressure), and over the course of a yet to be determined time-frame, turning from a simple single-living cell and somehow progressing into the intelligent individual I am today is beyond ridiculous to assume.

    We can’t even keep a single living cell alive in a Lab under the most perfect conditions, how are we to suppose that life created it’s self by chance, and over Billions or Trillions of years evolved through truly extreme conditions to arrive here today? That idea is lunacy considering the statistical probability.

    In my book, to the scientifically minded person the existance of God is absolute, or as absolute as my existance by Evolution.

    Provided the gifted Scientists of the World were to conduct as careful a study of the Word of God (Book written by a bunch of flea bitten Camel Herders for those that don’t believe) as they do to the study of Evolution and matters of the Origin of our existance, they would find fulfilled Prophecy, prophecy written by multiple individuals, individuals seperated by hundreds of years, in some cases over a thousand years in different books. Further every civilization within the world we know ,ALL carry a story of a world-wide flood as depicted in the Bilble. We could expound further, and further, but this simple straight-forward discussion will either resonate and produce a deeper personal discovery for those who really wish to know the origin of their existance, or it will not.

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