Don’t Wait Too Long

…before you go out and buy my friend Brennan’s album on iTunes.

The album is called “Terrible Arrow” and it’s available for just shy of a ten spot. Sure, sure, that could feed a starving child a bowl of rice for a year, but – honestly – don’t you think they’d get tired of rice after 365 days of it? I’d be all anglin’ for a bacon cheeseburger by day three.

However, what would be super cool (and earn you a spot in Heaven, no lie) is if you (a) bought the album (because God finds favor with Brennan and his brood), and (b) sponsored a child.

You might remember Brennan from an early 90s group, one that gained some college rock success (e.g. on my WVUA radio show), called The Sextants. If you missed out on that, you might remember my mentioning him and his former band in a couple of WWR posts.

Or perhaps you recall this post about meeting him and his family and then having to remember it all through a post-drunken haze.

Either way, it’s good stuff. Check it out.

And here’s his first video he’s put together, for the song “Waited Too Long.”

Yeah, it’s no “Patriot Act Woo” or “Monkey Attack,” but sometimes you have to listen to people with real and considerable talent instead.

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  1. Brennan Says:

    That was nice of you.
    Have you decided if you’re heading west?

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