Cdesign Propenentists

Wow, after watching the PBS NOVA recap of the Kitzmiller vs Dover case, involving evolution against intelligent design, I have only the following to say:

Michael Behe: as we’ve known for a long time, you are either very dumb or an incompetent fraud. Piss off, ok?

Creationists: we laugh at you. Lots.

Intelligent design supporters: most likely you are simply ignorant of the science behind evolution, but failing that you are either willfully ignorant of such, or just plain stupid, stupid, stupid. Especially since you’re really nothing but a creationist. Yes, we’re laughing at you.

Lots. And lots.

Ken Miller. while a valiant defender of evolution, you really need to let go of this whole “god of the gaps” belief that keeps you among the faithful. You’re just going to be continually disappointed. Come on over, the water is fine and the grass is greener.

Tammy Kitzmiller, and all the other plaintiffs in this trial, you are to be commended for your willingness to stand up to the idiocy of intelligent design, the violent threats from so many “good Christians” around you, and the general scorn of your community in defense of the pursuit of truth. I only hope that I would demonstrate the same will confronted with the same situation.

Judge John Jones, despite being put in place by religious conservatives, you were open-minded enough to fairly evaluate the information before you, and to see intelligent design for the intellectual dishonesty that it is. After dealing with so much right-wing hackery in the last three to four years, you are a small miracle in the world (amen!).

In closing, darn fine documentary, from which we all could learn a thing or two (although, really, intelligent design proponents and creationists could learn significantly more, like, say, a million billion things)*.

Note: PZ Myers was liveblogging the show. With Diet Coke. Which is nothing at all like beer. Which means I’m cooler.

Note 2: Too funny – in the Discovery Institute’s “Woe is Us Because We’re Dishonest Cretins” response to the show, they have the nerve to say the following about why their superstars, such as Michael “Flagellate This” Behe, didn’t make an official appearance:

Past experience with the media teaches that intelligent design is often misrepresented, especially through the editing process. Quotes taken out of context are used to mislead the viewer, often with effective results.

Creationists upset about quote mining? That’s cute!

* But they won’t.

8 Responses to “Cdesign Propenentists”

  1. Beau Lee Says:

    Wow, extremely unintelligent argumentation. Have you ever heard of the logical fallacy called Ad Hominem (attacking the character of the opponent rather than their arguments)? Typical. LOL. Whose laughter at who?

  2. dorkafork Says:

    Oh, you just don’t understand science. Maybe you should take a course in astrology.

  3. Richard Valkanet Says:

    Your program on “Intelligent Design on Trial” — was a sad choreographed fake trial, with all the players with scripted lines. There is a standing offer of $10,000 cash to any one, scientist or the like who can prove one aspect of Evolution to be true. Why not claim your money.

    I also did not appreiate the rude comments from some of the bloggers. Calling names and accusing people who disagree with you “stupid” and “Lots of laughs” — belongs in the third grade. If this is an example of the searing intellect of evolution believing individuals — then their comments speak for themselves.

    This program was purposefully deceptive and dishonest, and Nova, known for their wonderful scientific specials ought to be ashamed of their offering.

    Anytime anyone would like to make a serious challenge to “Intelligent Design” — and would do so in a neutral arena — please contact me, I could arrange it.

    I hope this “politically correct” agenda will not show its ugly head again. If you want a scientific debate — then leave off the drama.

    Respectfully submitted.

    Rich Valkanet

  4. andy Says:

    Beau –

    I did not provide argumentation. I provided simple assertions.

    Now, my assertions were based on the long history of dishonesty and hackery of the creationist / ID movement, but that’s so obvious to all but the most dim I did not feel the need to rehash it here.

    And, yes, I know what ad hominem is, thank you. You might have a point if I was a lone voice calling names, but – as I said above – the evidence against the creation / ID camp is overwhelming. I simply put some insult icing on the cake.

    Besides, what I said is true.

  5. andy Says:

    Richard –

    Yes, it was scripted.

    From the court transcripts. As in, from what was really said by the participants. You know, things like how Behe had to admit astrology, in his world, is real science.

    As for challenging intelligent design, what is there to challenge? The two key arguments from Behe and Dembski have been shown to be demonstrably false.

    P.S. You’d probably do better submitting your comment, say, at the NOVA site, since I have absolutely nothing to do with the producers except for being rational too.

  6. Tainted Bill Says:

    There’s something especially funny when a creationist complains about logical fallacies.

  7. dorkafork Says:

    I shouldn’t even bother making jokes like above, since the creationists are beyond parody. (I wanted people to laughter with me, not laughter at me, if you know what I mean.)

  8. andy Says:

    You just hate god, Dorkafork.

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