Georgia Tells Alabama “God Likes Us Better!”

…or at least that is what is suggested by this ridiculous waste of time and tax dollars.

ATLANTA (AP) – What to do when the rain won’t come? If you’re Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, you pray.

The governor will host a prayer service next week to ask for relief from the drought gripping the Southeast.

The good people of Alabama tried something similar a few months back, but God turned away from the cries of the Heart of Dixie. Probably because some of them want to overturn that dildo law. He’s an angry god, you know, with a general stance against anything that might feel pleasurable or be fun.

Like, say, a dildo.

Not that I know from experience, but to hear the womenfolk tell it… we men are almost an afterthought.

“The only solution is rain, and the only place we get that is from a higher power,” Perdue spokesman Bert Brantley said on Wednesday.

And we can’t have babies without storks.

I see that science education in Georgia is a stunning success!

Pssst, Bert Brantley, you might wish to peruse this site at your earliest convenience, because – as it stands – you are very ignorant.

Or stupid.

Both maybe.

It’s disheartening to see that, despite all of our technological wonders, our ever-increasing knowledge of how the world around us works, so many of us are still just a step away from throwing virgins into volcanoes to ensure the well-being of the people.

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  1. Tainted Bill Says:

    The lack of rain is probably due to the presence of homos somewhere in Georgia. While they’re out there spreading teh gay, Jesus is too upset to send rain.

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