Vonage Vs Comcast

Granted, it’s already no contest given that Vonage offers you many more features than Comcast, and for less money per month. Comcast, however, has been able to use their strength in providing cable service to lure the unsuspecting and ignorant to their (currently) poorer offering.

Vonage has now made their product even better with the introduction of V-Access. Now, your non-Vonage friends can call you for the price of a local call.

Vonage wants everyone to experience the great savings – even if they’re not a Vonage customer! With V-Access you – or anyone – can make calls to any Vonage phone just like it’s a local call. Say your sister in Indiana calls you every day using her old landline. Just look up a local V-Access number and let her call you for the price of a local call!

Make calls to any Vonage number or toll-free number and be charged for a local call, even when placing International calls or dialing long-distance. Reach out from almost anywhere in the US, UK, Canada, France, Mexico and Spain.

Not so useful for domestic calls, given that so many of us have free long-distance on our mobile plans, but it could mean substantial savings for friends and family abroad – or for calling home when you’re across the pond.

Rock on, Vonage (now, if only you’d quit violating patents and get in the black someday, things would be ideal).

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