The Courage to do Nothing

I don’t know, if I was one of the doctors referred to in this story, I’d be a bit miffed:

The head of the Colorado Lutheran High School Association says two teen boys are doing well, after an accident that partially severed their hands.

Doctors performed surgery on the two teens over the weekend. Helfer was the most severely injured, having hurt his arm as well.

“We praise the Lord that he’s doing well,” says Randy Lowe, CEO of the Colorado Lutheran High School Association.

“The surgery was extremely successful. The good Lord worked through those surgeons to reattach the tendons, and all the things you need.”

So when surgeons screw up, was Jesus busy with something else or was it… hmmm, I don’t know…. Satan?

Amazing, not a single word of thanks to the surgeons, the ones who spent years of their lives learning to save others, the ones who toiled hours upon hours while others got barely passing degrees in Marketing*.

But wait, it gets even sillier!

Students who witnessed the accident have had counselors available to them. Lowe says, immediately following the accident, students took off their shirts to wrap up the boys’ hands. They also prayed over the teens.

“I think that’s a hallmark of what this school is about,” said Lowe, “A deep faith our kids have and willingness to stop, drop and pray whenever they need to.”

Two young men with terrible injuries to their hands and arms, and the best these other kids can offer is prayer? How about calling 911? How about some compression on the wounds? How about going to get the school nurse?

How sad it is to think that it’s an honor when the kids in your school, rather than at least attempting to find something useful to do, do absolutely nothing but talk to the sky! If I were laying there with mangled hands, gushing blood, and I looked up to see everyone kneeling in prayer, I think I’d be slapping some heads about with my crimson-soaked lumps of formerly-fisty flesh.

Mr. Lowe, I’m not sure that a willingness to do nothing is a sign of great strength.

Here’s hoping those two young men, through the hard work of multiple medical professionals, and the teens’ own dedication to recovery, heal well in the weeks ahead.

* Not me. International Management with a minor in Spanish, summa baby.

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