Another Reason to Move to Sweden

OK, fine, so it’s the only reason so far I’ve seen to move to Sweden, but surely there are others. Like loads of hotties, or something.

STOCKHOLM (AFP) — The Swedish government on Monday presented a series of proposals banning public and independent schools from introducing religious elements into their classes except during religion lessons.

Religious elements “can take place … but only outside of coursework. Teaching should not be influenced” by religious beliefs, Swedish Education Minister Jan Bjoerklund told reporters.

He said religion could still be studied at school as a separate subject but other classes could in no way be influenced by religious convictions.

For example, the origin of human life would have to be explained from a scientific point of view and not a religious one, he said.

See, one good reason. And a few others*.

* Fine, so they were American, but let’s pretend.

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