Maximum Overdrive Spin Cycle

Apparently one of my appliances has been speaking with Mr. Lady’s plumbing*.

I came downstairs this morning to find that our washing machine had become incontinent, puddling water in the laundry room. I sopped it all up with paper towels (it wasn’t of Noachin magnitudes), ran the wash cycle again, and discovered another puddle.

So, long story short, I went to Lowe’s and bought a new washer today.

No real point to this story, sorry, but it’s always fun to anthropomorphize Mr. Lady’s privates.

* Not her naughty bits, although I hear women like to sit on washers – she never sat on mine to my knowledge – but the plumbing in her home in Canada. Which is not to say that her biological plumbing isn’t worth having a chat with, because I’m sure it’s quite the conversationalist. Witty too.

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  1. Mr Lady Says:

    Blushing. From flattery, giggliness or insult, I cannot be sure.

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