The God Delusion Debate

You can catch a livestream of tonight’s “God is just pretend” debate between Richard Dawkins and Dr. John Lennox here:

Remaining true to our goal of engaging secular culture on critical issues in a thoughtful, respectful manner, Fixed Point Foundation will sponsor a debate on what is arguably the most critical question of our time: the existence of God. The decision one makes regarding this question has implications that reverberate throughout eternity to be sure, but it also affects temporal existence from government policy to the individual. Historically, man’s belief in the transcendent has served as a restraint on his conduct and provided hope for his future. Now, it is argued, “God is dead”, and man can do very well without him.

The debate will feature Professor Richard Dawkins, Fellow of the Royal Society and Charles Simonyi Chair for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University and Dr. John Lennox (MA, MA, Ph.D., D.Phil., D.Sc.), Reader in Mathematics and Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science, Green College, University of Oxford.

If I am home from work (and happy hour) in time, I’ll be tuning in.

Update: Whoops. After enjoying a few beverages with a friend, coming home to help feed the kids and make the beer marinade for tomorrow night’s dinner, and setting the kids up to watch a bit of Kipper before bed, it seems I’ve probably missed out on most of the sideshow. However, judging from what I am reading in the comments at Pharyngula, Lennox is offering more of the same tired, fruitless apologetics we always hear (“Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?” How about Literary Device?).

2 Responses to “The God Delusion Debate”

  1. Tom - WWR Says:

    I would attend, but it’s sold out.

  2. Jim Buck Says:

    Two goldilocksfish swimming around in a bowl.. One says to the other:

    ‘If there is no God, how come: 1) The temperature in here is just right; 2) Food arrives regularly; 3) The water gets cleaned?

    The second goldilocksfish (who happens to be a Professor for the Goldilocksfish Understanding Of Science) replies:

    ‘ It is probable that we live in a multiverse that contains an astronomically large number of fish-bowls. Most of those bowls will be completely fishless. The fact that we are here able to discuss the matter means that we are fortunate to live in one of the tiny number of bowls capable of sustaining evolved life. In the words of the old song: We’re here because we’re here, because we’re here! ‘

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