Girls On Film

Is it just me, or does it demonstrate a baffling lack of cultural self-awareness for Arab TV to – in all earnestness – analyze why some Saudi women are getting undressed on the web?

I wonder where one can find these women online.

You know, for investigative and educational purposes only.

Because I’m pure and innocent.

Like a puppy.

A snow white puppy.

Made of butterflies.

And love.

4 Responses to “Girls On Film”

  1. BILLY MAC Says:

    saudi naked women are the most beautiful in the world, the only problem is I DONT SEE ANY.

  2. BILLY MAC Says:

    Saudi naked women on web cam where are there or is this a fake web site, thats whatnit looks like to me and i will broadcast it everyewere dont waste your time here like i have for the better part of 45 minutesw.

  3. BILLY MAC Says:

    right now sandy

  4. BILLY MAC Says:

    i said right now pullthat rag off your hed maybe you can here better

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