Because, Yes, I Like to Remind Myself How Old I Am On a Regular Basis

Sure, it’s a bit dated (21 years or so), but here’s a video from David & David, “Welcome to the Boomtown,” the best somewhat-known cut from an under-appreciated album:

Every time I have iTunes make a random MP3 CD for me, one of their tracks seems to find its way on there, because Apple is all kinds of smart.

Except for that whole Apple TV venture.

And, uh, the way that there’s a bit of a major label backlash growing against their tyrannical market ways.

But when it comes to David & David?

Pure genius, baby.

Pure, sweet, 80s genius.

Somewhat Related: Another good way to feel the passage of time is to be throwing out old receipts and see that, in early 2000, you paid Amazon $972 for an Olympus digital camera with a whopping 3.2 megapixels. Although, you know, for my purposes it still takes some nice photos (and will continue to do for the next 50 years, because, damnit, I paid nearly $1000 for that thing).

More: I think I might have linked to this video before. More evidence that I’m getting old and forgetful.

Hey. Do I know you?

3 Responses to “Because, Yes, I Like to Remind Myself How Old I Am On a Regular Basis”

  1. Kaf Says:

    Get off my lawn!

    And stop taking pictures of my grass with that stupid outdated digital camera!

  2. Brian Says:

    The Davids went on to work with Sheryl Crow. One of them co-wrote her big hit “all i wanna do.”

  3. Robin Roberts Says:

    Damn, you are old.

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