Every Once in a Long While

…when I am missing eating good BBQ or watching the Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny, I wish I was in Alabama. An event like this makes me wish I was there too:

Staunch atheist Richard Dawkins of The New York Times bestseller The God Delusion will square off in a debate with popular Christian apologist John Lennox next month.

The Oct. 3 debate, which takes place at the Alys Stephens Center in Birmingham, Ala., will tackle one of the world’s most critical and age-old questions – Does God exist? – and views expressed in Dawkins’ latest book.

If any of you happen to be within easy driving distance of Birmingham (this means you, Tom), you need to go and report back on how it turns out.

I’d trust the crack reporters at Australia’s “Christian Today” to give me the true scoop, but they say idiotic things like this in closing in the article:

Former atheist Lee Strobel, now a noted Christian apologist, released a documentary last year using science to prove the existence of God.

“Today, science is pointing more powerfully to a creator than any other time,” said Strobel in “The Case for a Creator.” “The most logical and rational step is to put my faith in the Creator that science tells me exists.”

Wow, he released a documentary that proved the existence of God. Who knew?

Apparently not the good folks at Case Against Faith.

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