Creationists Finally Document Scientific Research and Analysis to Advance Their Cause

Evil, godless, puppy-kicking “intellectuals” like PZ Myers always complain – among other things! – that there’s no real scientific research being done by creationists and intelligent design proponents.

Well, to that I say: pish-tosh!

My daughter and I are going through Bob Jones University Press’s Science 2 this year. Today we did a science experiment. We made pudding to demonstrate that evolution is nonsense.

That’s right, they made pudding. Scientific pudding (it’s like regular pudding, but with glasses).

Are you listening, Myers? Dawkins?

It was a daring kitchenesque recreation of the Miller-Urey experiments, with Bill Cosby’s be-sweatered pitchman presence supervising in absentia!

Why, I can hardly wait for the peer-reviewed summary to make its debut in the learning disabled version of Highlights magazine, complete with pictures and very little text.

For further amusement, you can read the rest of her post in which she trots out tired creationist nonsense (junkyards and twisters, it’s a twister!) and suggests that the only transitional form that would count would be something like a “mousedogbird“.

While her five year old is a very cute kid, here’s hoping – as my grandma used to say* – “that the stupid don’t stick.”

Note: I wonder if Brooke realizes that, until the year 2000, Bob Jones University used their super Bible science to say that interracial dating was a big no-no in the eyes of blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jesus.

Note 2: Hmmm, reading other posts there made me think maybe this was just really good satire, but then you hit the posts talking about health insurance and the like, and it seems like a real person writing this stuff.

If it’s satire, I applaud the author for creating an individual who seems very next-door-neighbor real, and secretly completely nuts.


* She never really said, but it sounds neat.

7 Responses to “Creationists Finally Document Scientific Research and Analysis to Advance Their Cause”

  1. Tainted Bill Says:

    My Poseidon, that’s possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.

  2. psiloiordinary Says:

    Worldview bake off – now that’s a fantastic idea for a TV series!

    Darwin’s rottweiler? No.

    Darwin’s pastry chef.

  3. AngelEyes Says:

    I notice that while Brooke goes to the trouble to break down the foolishness of the evolutionary ideas in a way that a five year-old can understand, you opt to attack that idea likewise with 5 year-old rhetoric.


  4. andy Says:

    A five year old would say “peer-reviewed,” “Miller-Urey,” “in absentia,” and “transitional?”

    Wow, you know some smart five year olds.

    Or, more to the point, you’re just upset that someone is picking on Brooke and her irrational, poorly argued, simplistic creationist nonsense, most likely because you’re an irrational, simplistic creationist.

  5. andy Says:

    P.S. For someone who doesn’t like it here, it’s funny that you refreshed my site 12 times over 40 minutes.

  6. psiloiordinary Says:

    People who don’t like their beliefs being laughed at shouldn’t have such funny beliefs.

  7. Tainted Bill Says:

    Angel Eyes is right, we should give up our evolutionary theory, with it’s mountains of evidence and thousands of transitional fossils in favor of the “Magic Man in the Sky Did It” hypothesis.

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