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Al Qaeda may be trying to rewrite “Perfect Day.”

If you haven’t been watching Glenn Beck’s series “The Perfect Day” on MSNBC, then you MUST watch the final segment tonight. (7 and 9pm Eastern on CNN) “The Perfect Day” is what papers and tapes that have been found in Iraq and Pakistan, show what a “perfect day” would be to terrorize Americans. What is the perfect day? Remember Beslan? That’s it. And there is some unnerving evidence that they are looking at our schools.

RWS links to the transcript here.

The short story: there’s mounting evidence that al Qaeda is targeting our schools for a multi-pronged attack, looking to scar us by hitting our most vulnerable: children.

Yes, there are tens of thousands of primary and secondary schools in the country, so the chance of mine or yours being hit is miniscule. And, yes, our schools have already demonstrated they can protect our children from other kids who doodle poorly-rendered handguns, as well as those who might need to take some PMS medication that a friend gives them.

Oddly, they’re not so good when it comes to real guns and drugs. Rather, like the TSA, they do a fine job of putting up a pretense of action (zero tolerance, baby!), while not really doing much of value when it comes to safety (a paper cut from the doodle was a lot more dangerous than the kid who drew it).

Anyway, go on over and read the transcript. It’s scary stuff, particularly if you’re a parent. Not that those without children can’t appreciate the danger, but having a child of my own surfaced an undercurrent of protective instincts I never knew I had. I know, me, a caring individual – almost as frightening as the al Qaeda threat!

Fight them over there or fight them here? Mr. President, it seems they plan on coming our way regardless.

Is it just a matter of when?

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