An Omen of Good Things?

Here’s hoping!

COLORADO SPRINGS (AP) – Focus on the Family is laying off 30 employees and reassigning 15 others.

The changes are due in part to a drop in projected revenue and to growth in technology.

When Jesus said “that which you do unto the least of my people, you do unto me,” I doubt he was thinking of pink slips.

Hey, Dobson, you just fired Jesus!

2 Responses to “An Omen of Good Things?”

  1. Nan Says:

    Finally, some good news!

  2. Roger Fraley Says:

    No, no, no. Not what that scripture means. But I agree with nan that the downsizing of that group is good news. I hate those holier than thou types trying to impose their sense of morality on us. Everyone knows that the only acts which reveal our hearts are the ones for which there is no social sanction. Good news about the Tide.

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