Half-Hearted Review: Torchwood

Anyone else catch the show “Torchwood” on BBC America this past weekend?

We did.

It was enjoyable, although I think I would have liked the storyline more if Torchwood turned out to be a “good” organization using “questionable” tactics, rather than having one rogue element sacrificing the innocent in the name of a supposed greater good. If it had been otherwise, then Gwen could have worked both sides of the aisle, looking to destroy Torchwood while also fighting the influx of aliens in the time-space-rippity-doo-dah thing that brings them to Cardiff.

Regardless, Eve Myles, who plays Gwen, has some aesthetically-pleasing yabos.

As for the other characters… Captain Jack Harkness makes me feel like I am watching Indiana Jones’ and Chandler Bing’s illegitimately-cloned love child… and Ianto Jones, should the show fail, could double as a young, slim Quentin Tarantino.

The short version: yeah, we’ll watch the next episode.

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