Crossing the Rubicon of Childhood

As our children develop, grow, and learn, they achieve various milestones in life, those rites of passage that remind of us our own adventure of existence. We watch with fascination as they come to each hurdle and clear it as only they can, becoming more fully a person with each passing day. They are some of the true beauties of our human experience.

And then, other times, you have a first like this:

Saturday, I was swinging Ewan around by his feet as Fiona laughed and ran nearby. She then misjudged the velocity and direction of travel of her younger brother. Whoops, if only they taught calculus to four year olds.

With a delightfully loud crack, heads made contact and for this reaction there was an equal and opposite reaction. Fiona went reeling backwards, foot over tangled foot, and there was another crack as she ran into the door jamb. She fell over stunned… then crying… then displaying the first signs of what tonight is one heck of a nice shiner.

Baby’s first black eye.


I should take a picture.

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  1. wheels Says:

    Ah, I can remember when Cheryl was much younger … I was swinging her around one evening (holding her by the hands), and managed to dislocate her elbow (“Higher, Daddy! Higher! … Waaaah!”). The next morning, I found out from the doctor just how simple it would have been to pop it back into place myself. She also referred to it as “washerwoman’s elbow” and said it was a pretty common and simple thing to happen.

    I was in the doghouse for a while over that incident.

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