Britney Spears Comeback on the MTV Video Music Awards

So, Britney Spears kicked off this year’s VMA (video here) with a preview of her new, upcoming single, “Gimme More.”

I’m just guessing, but it strikes me that the title must be in reference to chocolate doughnuts* and bottles full of barbiturates, because that was a live and in-living-color disaster.

Lazy lip-syncing that wasn’t at all convincing. Moves executed with the snap and energy of a third grade dance recital, of particularly clumsy kids.

And the song? Does it actually have lyrics other than the title? *yawn*

I once held out hope that Britney Spears could have been the next Madonna. Sure, I don’t much care for the music either of them churn out, but Madonna was a genius in the industry, and Britney seemed to be following a similar path of continual change and evolution.

Well, she’s gone and collapsed back into a primordial soup of goo, and I don’t think lightning is going to strike anytime soon.

It’s rather sad, actually.

Nothing a beer won’t fix (see: pudge, Speedo).

* Hey, it’s ok, I’ve got a bit of the pudge too. However, I’m not strapping on a Speedo and asking people to think I’m hot.

** I was within 50 feet of her several years ago when she was performing at some MTV thing in New York City and I was passing by on the street below.

2 Responses to “Britney Spears Comeback on the MTV Video Music Awards”

  1. mr lady Says:

    I KNOW! It seemed like she was looking at something in the audience for the whole performance. I really think it’s over for her. And I’m totally ok with that.

  2. Old Dolly Says:

    Britney’s performance was predictably poor and MTV’s to blame. MTV is a vicious, money driven corporation with no conscience and less taste!

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