A Continuing Study Entitled “Cripes, I’m Getting Old”

It’s been some twenty-three years — twenty-three years — since Automan graced our console television sets for all of thirteen episodes.

…and just about the same since the Dregs of Humanity made their musical debut on “It’s Your Move,” starring a post-Silver Spoons, but very pre-Arrested Development, Jason Bateman.

And Caren Kaye, the hottest TV mom in history (who made a point of getting undressed in 1983’s “My Tutor”).

What other wonderful early 80s television shows am I missing out on viewing via YouTube? Must go explore.

Update: Duh, how about some Manimal, a show with special effects that rivaled, well, absolutely nothing.

It’s the late 80s, but “21 Jump Street” anyone?

I faintly recall some scenes from the 1970s show “Baa Baa Black Sheep.”

Update 2: Wow, I guess I missed all of our manned deep-space missions in 1987.

Hardcastle, McCormick, and cheesy ass intro rock!

Misfits of Science, the star vehicle of Mark Thomas Miller who went on to fame in such movies and shows as… oh, sorry, that was Courtney Cox who had a career after the show.


You know, I loved Quantum Leap and I hated to see it go – but these folks were pretty sad:

2 Responses to “A Continuing Study Entitled “Cripes, I’m Getting Old””

  1. jed Says:

    Well, I can’t think of any early 80’s TV. Pretty much, during that time period, I didn’t own a TV. Was Hill St. Blues early 80s?

    However, for some reason, I remember The Mod Squad, and Room 222.

  2. hubs Says:

    awesome! i never even knew automan was a show!

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