A Course in Miracles!

While God can’t be bothered to do significant things like stopping airliners from crashing into buildings, saving small children from murderers, or feeding the hungry, he can find it in his infinite heart to help save the marriage of a very rich couple.

Denise Jackson knew that her marriage to Alan Jackson wasn’t perfect. She was too needy and insecure in the relationship, and he was on the road a lot, becoming one of country’s biggest superstars.

Still, she wasn’t prepared for the shock she got in 1998, shortly after the birth of their third child, when Jackson — her sweetheart since their teen years — told her that he didn’t want to be in the marriage anymore. Hurt and disillusioned, she tried everything to get him back, and turned to prayer.

A revelation came one day when a friend told her she wouldn’t pray for Alan Jackson to come back, but instead, would pray for Denise Jackson to become the woman that God intended her to be. From that day on, Denise Jackson began to reassess the role God played in her life — and, instead of focusing on how to repair her relationship with her husband, put her efforts into rebuilding her relationship with God. In the end, she says, becoming closer to God helped her become closer to her husband — and save her marriage.

Wow, what a lovely story. The big guy upstairs, when perceived through a very narrow scope and being sure to ignore all the horrors in the world, sure is one swell guy.

I’m thinking that what saved the marriage is that Denise Jackson quit being so needy and insecure, two traits which I believe most men and women find very annoying, particularly when asking themselves “I signed up for this for the rest of my life?”

Perhaps she found her new faith inspiring her to believe she’s worthy with or without a man, or perhaps it was a crutch allowing her to redirect her “woe is me” neediness toward the myth in her head.

Regardless, the change was one that she had to internalize as necessary and then act upon. It’s sad that she once had little self-worth, and it’s sad that she sees a need to base her current self-esteem upon fairy tales.

Denise, you have worth as a person, whether or not you’re married to the man shameless enough to sing a line as awful as “Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee /It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie.”

Although that doesn’t really help.

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  1. A Personal Walk Says:

    I think we need more voices to speak up about what God has accomplished in their lives. Little or big. To some Mrs. Jackson’s book may seem like a minor thing compared to the horrors of this world. And I completely understand … especially if you do not understand the Christian faith. The terrible things that happen in this world is hard for most to explain … at least where all would agree. But it does not proove the absence of God, merely the presence of our fallen nature and the need for God. I have known many rich, and I have known many famous people and the happiest I have ever seen are those who are grounded in their faith. I have known the poor and needy and those who are needy and are grounded in their faith are filled with a hope and joy that show in their lives. I have seen miracles which many make a common tendency to categorize as coincidence. I am not asking anyone to believe but I think it is a good thing that people speak up about their experience, little or big, and not let the voice of others who disagree cloud the goodness that God can bring to someones life.

  2. kate Says:

    I saw her on the Today show with Alan. I think, while it is a story with a nice theme; she is a bit contrived and I feel very into Deinise and her 5 minutes of fame. I think the thing is a media blitz so she can have some glory and alan goes along with it. She jsut does not seem that sincere. I dislike it when people use God and pretend they are so sincere. He did not strike me as thrilled and I have seen him in concert a number of times. Something did not ring true to me altough it is a touching story. But then, when you use God it makes any story more acceptable. I sort of resent her telling her personal life like she has a mission from God to come forward. Its for her own need for the limelight! Not really that impressed. I thkn she needed Alan to write that really sappy and boring song so her book would sell. But you know hwat; the book is not great and I wouldn’t buy it. I know Iam going to infuriate the God bunch but hey think about it and its obvious. Denise is kind of a fake.

  3. kate Says:

    Also, staying with her probably was a whole lot easier and better financially. Funny, she never mentioned the kid he had with another woman. He is just playing his cards right in my opinion. alot cheaper than a divorce. Frankly I think she puts him up to alot of this nonsense. Alot easier just to go along with it…… I bought into the whole Deinse and Alan love each other thing until I saw them together on the Today show. When you see them together its evident its not this great love affair. She is vain!

  4. Nicolas Martin Says:

    As a rule men wear down and eventually become compliant, if not downright helpless. So, as the years pass the wife usually achieves dominance. Mrs. Jackson is benefitting from the divine process of atrophy, against which Mr. Jackson is helpless.

    If this marriage is as happy as it is portrayed, it may be good news for the Jacksons, but it sure is lousy news for country music fans. Mindy McCready’s the gal you’d want at the honky tonk. She’d bring Jesus with her, but also her trashy drunken insolence. Many is the country star ruined by wholesomeness.

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