No Room In The IN(S)

Turned away, several illegal immigrants are now on their way…somewhere in the United States:

KUSA – On August 7, a Colorado State Patrol trooper pulled over a van in Mesa County near the Utah/Colorado border.

Initially it was for a traffic violation, but eventually it turned into an immigration stop.

According to CSP Master Trooper Ron Watkins, the responding trooper suspected the 15 people inside the van were in the United States illegally. Watkins says that trooper contacted U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to respond. After nearly two hours passed, the trooper was still waiting.

“They originally said they would respond but later notified us back that they didn’t have the resources to come out to the scene,” said Watkins.

Watkins says the suspected illegal immigrants were then released.

“At that point we got no criminal charges against anyone, so those folks were allowed to leave,” said Watkins.

A spokesman for ICE issued a statement saying in part:

“At the time we did not have the resources (bed spaces) to detain them so that’s why they were released,” ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok wrote.

The article goes on to quote the (potentially arresting) officer as saying that this happens all the time. Despite Colorado’s efforts to enforce its anti-illegal immigration laws, little gets accomplished because the Federal government is really good at pretending to do something about the problem rather than actually doing anything.

Being of a libertarian bent, I’m inclined to say that’s typically not a bad thing.

It’s just the idiocy of the conflicting policies, despite the immigration mutterings out of Washington, that troubles (or, sadly, amuses) me.

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  1. ErikZ Says:

    I hate useless laws. It doesn’t matter how much a law is needed, if you’re unwilling or unable to enforce it then don’t make it!

  2. zombyboy Says:

    Yeah. Like murder and check fraud. Since we can’t stop all of them, why even make the laws?

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