A Quarter Century of Digital Clipping Blowing Our Speakers

More evidence that, despite my strongest wishes to the contrary, I am still getting older: The compact disc celebrated its 25th birthday this month.

My first CD purchase was in 1986, when Billy Joel’s “The Bridge” was released. I can still remember my 14 year old ears being awed as Billy belted out “a 1…2…a 1…2…3…4…” to kick off the song “A Matter of Trust.” No crackling, no hiss, nothing but sonic goodness.

While the digital age of music brought additional clarity to the audio, it did not – however – make Christie Brinkley’s clothes any more transparent in the video.

And for this I wept.

Um, yes, so the CD – quickly fading in light of the age of the internet – is 25 years old.

And I’m older than that, which I know you find hard to believe when you read some of this stuff.

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