I, for One, Am Horrified

Shock and horror, disgraced pastor Ted Haggard is begging for donations from his slaughtered flock, while continuing to own a 3/4 million dollar home and receiving an annual stipend of over $130,000 from his former church (hey, times are hard in the Haggard household).

Hardly surprising when one looks at other religious leaders, isn’t it?

Whether it be con-men like Benny Hinn duping the dimwitted out of their money for faith healing via his MagicFingers on the pretty-picture-box, or Bishop McBoylove using the funding of the faithful to silence the sexually abused, this much remains true: there will always be people willing to do anything for power and riches, and there will always be people dumb enough to enable them to do so.

I’d have more respect for Haggard if he got into the business of manly backrubs and backroom meth deals.

As for his followers, hey, can you send me $10?

Update: More shocking news from the land of greed in the name of God:

TAMPA – As a team, pastors Randy and Paula White attracted tens of thousands to Without Walls International Church. But behind the picture perfect image, the couple’s 18-year marriage was in trouble.

At Thursday night’s service, they announced plans to divorce. Both have been divorced before. ..

The couple shares a $2 million dollar home on Bayshore Boulevard, along with a private jet. Some say the pastors have been spending more time apart as they buy property and pursue ministries elsewhere. Paula White owns a Trump Towers condo in New York City and a home in San Antonio. Randy White is reportedly leasing property in Malibu.

It’s a rough existence. Thank God there are people stupid enough to help them live it!

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