Unlocked iPhone?

Everyone knows by now that a teen and some of his online associates have unlocked the iPhone so that it can run on networks other than AT&T, with a very minimal loss of features.

There seems to be a lot of rejoicing among the nerderati everywhere, but I can’t say I am terribly interested.

The reason I didn’t buy an iPhone wasn’t because it only ran on the AT&T (formerly Cingular, formerly AT&T, the circle of life) network; it was because it was too expensive for something I’m probably going to drop and break within a year.

If my RAZR breaks? No big deal. They hand them, and Nokias, out like candy.

If my iPod shuffle breaks? Whoopity do. No emptying of the wallet needed to replace it.

Now, when we get to a point where the iPhone is more at my price point, then I’ll worry about what network it runs on. I trust by then Apple will have become less about tight-fisted control and more about meeting customer wants and needs.

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