Third Time’s a Charm?

Given the complete failure of creationism and intelligent design to hold up to any sort of honest inquiry, it seems some of the faithful are taking a new stab at explaining it all:

A new brand of creationism, which creationists and secular science are not familiar with is “Biblical Reality”, which is better known as the “Observations of Moses”.

This “Old Earth” brand of creationism puts forth the view that combines a seven 24-hr day week of original creation (Exodus 20:11), with a separate “six 12-hr days of revelation” given to Moses (Genesis 1:2 – 2:3). The pseudo discrepancy between the “sixth day” in Genesis chapter one and in chapter two is explained as chapter two being the beginning of modern mankind (Adam & Eve), and chapter one as being an earlier species of prehistoric mankind in an earlier restoration period, more than 60 million years ago…

The “six days of Moses” in Genesis chapter one are actually six consecutive (12 hour) days in 1598 BC that God revealed to Moses (on Mt. Sinai) from the ancient past. Each day was from the first week of each of seven different geological eras in “biblical order”. The only day of Creation Week which Moses saw was the “Fourth Day”. Creation Week was 168 hours, in 4.6 Billion BC, according to the geologist.

So, since the current Biblical explanations don’t fit with scientific observation (the admission of which is refreshing) – but they KNOW with ALL CERTAINTY that “God did it” – they’ll just stick some meaningless dates on everything and call it problem solved.

Color me impressed.

Surely this is the next great revolution in human thought.

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  1. Tainted Bill Says:

    I think this sums up what I think of “The Observations of Moses”.

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