No Room in the N(ICU)

Ah, yes, the sweet, sweet joys of socialized medicine:

A rare set of identical quadruplets will be reunited Friday at a Calgary hospital after spending their first night apart Thursday — two in Canada and two in the United States.

Karen Jepp, 35, of Calgary delivered four healthy little girls Sunday at a hospital in Montana, after being sent there because of a shortage of neonatal beds in Canada…

Lynda Phelan, a spokeswoman with the Calgary Health Region, said no other Canadian NICU had space for Jepp’s four babies.

“There wasn’t space anywhere in Canada, so we had to turn to our friends in Montana,” she said.

A shortage of neonatal beds in the entire country of Canada?

How do the Canucks stand for such idiocy? An entire country of medical progressives has no room for them, but a state with less than one million residents is equipped to handle them in their time of need. When Piers was born, he didn’t have to go to the NICU, but we were adjacent to it, and there were 4-5 empty beds in one hospital in one county in one state of the United States.

And Canada can’t find a couple in the whole of their territory?


Wow, where do I sign up?

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  1. PatrickP Says:

    From National Review Online:

    Well, you can’t expect a G7 economy of only 30 million people to be able to offer the same level of neonatal ICU coverage as a town of 50,000 in remote rural Montana. And let’s face it, there’s nothing an expectant mom likes more than 300 miles in a bumpy twin prop over the Rockies.

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