Lights Out, Uh Huh, Dance Dance Dance

Oh, Peter Wolf, thou hast cursed me.

Here I sit on the back patio of WWR HQ, cloaked in the darkness of the night, enhanced all the more by the fact that our power has gone off twice since 6pm.

And remains off.

It’s actually quite calming: the wind through the Aspens around me, the distant sound of a dog (or two) barking, the flickering light of the candles I lit inside the house. All of this is, of course, offset by my 21st century ability to latch onto some neighbor’s distant wireless network in order to write and post this.

How I love me some technology.

Now, c’mon, Xcel Energy, love me back.

Update: Wow, it’s dark. This is just the kind of atmosphere in which Mr. Lady would be all a-gropin’ and stuff. I know it.

Except, of course, unless I am completely mistaken.

Entirely possible.

I guess.

Update 2: And as if to prove me wrong, the power returns.

Curse you, energy gods!

Update 3: Yes, sometimes I write posts that have no real point.

I prefer to call it “art,” whereas former WWRanter Tom refers to it as a “debilitating aneurysm.”

“Art,” you will note, is easier to both say and spell.

2 Responses to “Lights Out, Uh Huh, Dance Dance Dance”

  1. mr lady Says:

    Oh, how I would be. Unless, of course, I wouldn’t.

  2. Liisa with AIESEC Oulu Says:

    Hi, just bumped into you (and the lovely Bajo Cero) looking for some AIESEC Oulu pics for our 25th anniversary. It would be great to hear something about your time here in Oulu!

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