I Think It’s Time to Let Bygones be Bygones

From an article about the market battle between HD and Blu-Ray for the high-def DVD crown:

Consumers, many of whom are still smarting from the VCR format battle between VHS and Betamax, need to know their expensive equipment won’t become obsolete if the competing format wins, said Steven J. Caldero, chief operating officer of Ken Crane’s, specialty electronics chain in Southern California.

There are people “still smarting” from an unfortunate purchasing decision of a few hundred dollars more than twenty years ago?

Quick, someone give them $10 and change so they can go buy a VHS machine and shut the hell up.

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  1. PatrickP Says:

    I do not know a single person in my family or circle of friends who ever owned a Betamax. Who are these people who are “still smarting?”

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