Everything I Needed to Know About Nickelback I Learned at Lunch (aka I Hate Nickelback)

While enjoying lunch today with Mr. Lady and David J, we hit upon the topic of music.

The topic of particularly bad and god-awful music.

This, of course, meant that Nickelback would be mentioned (sorry, Hinder fans, your chance to revel in the suck will have to wait).

So, how did Nickelback become so rich and famous given that they know four chords (admittedly, I am being generous) and have the lyrical talents of a bunch of lovelorn junior high schoolers?

Well, it sure wasn’t the music.

Update: Sorry, that should read “lyrical talents of a bunch of lovelorn, yet emotionally stunted, and possibly retarded even, junior high schoolers.”

6 Responses to “Everything I Needed to Know About Nickelback I Learned at Lunch (aka I Hate Nickelback)”

  1. PatrickP Says:

    I returned a call at work earlier this week and it was a cell phone. The operator instructed me to “enjoy the music” while the call was being placed. It was Nickelback. First I became angry. Then I thought of you. :-)

  2. zombyboy Says:

    Ahhhh. That’s so sweet.

    Sort of.

  3. mr lady Says:

    I am happy that I FINALLY get some linkage over here, but seriously? A Nickelback post? I may have to reconsider this whole Tron thing.

  4. PatrickP Says:

    I didn’t think of him like that!

  5. The Retropolitan Says:

    Was Wilco mentioned?

  6. andy Says:

    No, but that’s ok, because Wilco is – you see – good.

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