We don’t need no stinkin’ privacy.

The Republicans are largely toadies of the Administration. The Democrats seem to be a bunch of spineless twits. What’s a boy to do?

Maybe I’ll have to learn more about Ron Paul.

5 Responses to “Privacy?”

  1. hubs Says:

    what about the liberaltarian Gravel?

  2. andy Says:

    Can’t say I know much about him. Will have to do some reading!

  3. copygodd Says:

    i likes me some ron paul. and the fact that his own party hates him just makes me like him all the more.

  4. Roger Fraley Says:

    Wait. The Republicans are toadies to a Republican Administration. Oh, the horror! Screw Ron Paul.

  5. andy Says:

    Since “toadies,” both connotatively and denotatively, suggests the neglect of personal values in pursuit of kissing ass, then – yes – that should be a horror.

    As someone not given to easily abandoning their values, I find this distasteful. You, however, may find otherwise for yourself.

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