Big Sis Meets Littler Bro

The wee Fiona stopped by for a visit this afternoon. I’m about to take her home for the night, but thought everyone would want to give a collective “awwww” and then some of you who have been reading for years can say “Wow, we knew her when she was this big.”

And it would be like a communal, virtual group hug.

And no, that’s not my hand on your bottom. Unless it is.


Back later…

4 Responses to “Big Sis Meets Littler Bro”

  1. mr lady Says:


    Now move your hand, mister.

  2. Kevin Says:

    The baby looks like he’s over the “dadarazzi” :-)

  3. Kevin Says:

    Or “poparazzi” – damn, I hate it when I think of something better after I’ve hit submit!

  4. PatrickP Says:

    She looks beside herself with excitement.

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