Cold War, Here We Come

Ah, democratic Mother Russia, we hardly knew you.

A must read article on Putin’s manipulation of Russia’s desperate youth with nationalistic jingoism, xenophobic violence, and a little baby-making naughty-naughty too.

3 Responses to “Cold War, Here We Come”

  1. Tainted Bill Says:

    There was this one time, at Russian Band Camp…

  2. geoff Says:

    Cold War II has been with us since the invasion of Afghanistan, when China and Russia decided to collaborate to thwart the US in the Middle East, and to advance their geopolitical and energy positions.

  3. Alan Kellogg Says:

    Any society that needs to have young adolescents producing kids is not a society with much of a life expectency. Their lives are not stable, they rely on others for their own needs, and often the support system isn’t there for them.

    Add in Russia’s atrocious alcholism, drug abuse, and suicide rates and her crumbling infrastructure and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

    Just wait until their kids are grown-up, raised without the benefit of mature, stable parenting. Dependent on government and unable to act for themselves. You’re going to see radical, apocalyptic movements up the pooper. Along with oppression on a scale that would make Stalin go, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    Mark my words, we’re going to have to annex one-tme Russian territory in Asia to keep it out of the hands of the Chinese sooner than you think.

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