I Wonder if the Muslims Will See This as Meaning They Are REALLY Off the Mark

I suspect that Pope Benedict didn’t play well with others in school.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) — The Vatican on Tuesday said Christian denominations outside the Roman Catholic Church were not full churches of Jesus Christ.

The Vatican said other churches are “wounded” since they do not recognise the primacy of the Pope.

A 16-page document, prepared by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which Pope Benedict used to head, described Christian Orthodox churches as true churches, but suffering from a “wound” since they do not recognize the primacy of the Pope.

But the document said the “wound is still more profound” in the Protestant denominations — a view likely to further complicate relations with Protestants.

“Despite the fact that this teaching has created no little distress … it is nevertheless difficult to see how the title of ‘Church’ could possibly be attributed to them,” it said.

No word, however, on whether or not “real Churches” have to interpret Luke 18:15-17 as meaning it’s okey-dokey to touch little pee-pees.

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